Cacao and Microdosing

Chocolate has definitely transcended its original place in people’s hearts. Once only recognized as a sweet treat, raw cacao is now finding its way into the wellness world as an adaptogenic super power. Promoted as a solution for everything from improving hair quality to boosting your mood, cacao truly is a powerful seed.  Raw cacao is filled with flavonoids and polyphenols, natural antioxidants, that make this a healthy indulgence everyone can get behind. 


However, cacao in its natural state has been around a lot longer than this current health craze and has surprising uses outside of just a treat. Shamans use cacao as part of their spiritual journeys, using it to help people connect with love for themselves and others. In some rituals, cacao is the main component of a complete vibrational cleanse, and in others, part of ecstatic dance. Paired with the benefits of microdosing, cacao adds the perfect uplift to your dose day. 


Don’t miss out on this undeniable synergy, buy your bicycle dropper today and pick up some raw cacao. Find a solid recipe here: 


Other article idea: “What Do I do on my dose day?” (infographic?) add any other dose day ideas


  • Get outside
  • Dance
  • Explore a town
  • Paint, even finger paint
  • Journal
  • read
  • Listen to music

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